• Sports Illustrated for Kids
  • Golfweek
  • Reebok
  • Adidas
  • Outer Stuff, LLC
  • Premiere Radio Networks / The Limbaugh Letter Publication
  • Saturnian1, Inc. / Fun
  • IAG Media, Inc.
  • FEA Merchandise, Inc.
  • University of Arizona
  • Indiana University
  • Box Seat Clothing Co.
  • MasterKing Games
  • Corriere della Sera – Italian Newsprint
  • Body Rags Clothing Co.
  • UTI, Technical institute
  • 4m Industrial Development, Inc.
  • Convenient Nutrition
  • Celebrity Marketing, Inc.
  • Tadah Dance Studio
  • Ocean State Seafood, Inc.
  • Town of Tyngsborough
  • Rascal Advertising (Athens Greece)
  • Live Nation
  • Red Sparkle Promotions
  • Waddington North America
  • Philips Academy
  • PC Tech Solutions

Kenneth Puleo – Philips Academy

• Allison was prompt and professional and superb at transforming our thoughts and rough sketches into accurate, colorful, and fun illustrations that we featured in our alumni magazine.

Don Pollard – Adidas 

• Allison always delivers, great person to work with. Very talented.

Allison & Mark Sassak – Saturnian1, Inc.

• Allison has worked with Saturnian1, Inc. for over a decade. She’s talented, dependable, and willing to go the extra mile to meet all of our creative requests and deadlines.

Denise Mei-Clark Creative Director Premiere Networks/iHeart Media

• Allison has worked consistently for me over the last 10 plus years. Allison is an important person to my creative team. Allison is always game to try anything asked of her, she is easy and fun to work with, takes direction easily, and always delivers on time. The art she produces always meets or exceeds expectations.